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Sunday Service for July 14, 2024
10am - 11am

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July 28th: Worship Committee - Joy - Mini Moments
Aug 11th: Worship Committee - Grounding
Aug 25th: Worship Committee - You Are a Universe


News and Info


                          Bicycling Storyteller Comes to the Weathersfield Center Church

Saturday, July 13, at 6 pm, at the Weathersfield Center Church, a potluck supper will celebrate arrival of storyteller Andy Davis, traveling by bicycle from in the southeast corner of the White Mountains to four VT and NH towns to tell stories.

Davis and his wife, Andrea Walsh, met while doing human rights work in Guatemala in the 1990s. Immediately following that, they and three other friends did a three-week bicycle tour around New England raising funds for a human rights accompaniment in Guatemala. It was during his time working in refugee camps that Davis says he got his start as a storyteller, telling comic tales by candlelight. He has since broadened and refined his craft and has entertained audiences as far north as County Down, as far east as Paris, as far south as Bamako, and as far west as San Diego. Find out more about his work at

In Weathersfield, starting at 7:30 pm, he’ll be performing “a multi-layered story casserole” called “The Sweater.” “It weaves together my and Andrea’s love story, which began in Guatemala, with a story about the Yukon gold rush. Folded in are my time working in Vermont apple orchards, 19th century farm life, sled dogs, prodigious snows, and a smattering of Scottish folklore.”

Jo Radner, former president of both the National Storytelling Network and the American Folklore Society said about “The Sweater,” “Only Andy Davis could weave a story of such complexity and such sparkling novelty, wrapped in love, smelling like old sheep, and, finally, full of mystery. A delightful journey!”

Potluck at 6 pm, bring your own plates and utensils if possible; story at 7:30 pm at the Weathersfield Center Church. Cost: $8 for adults (no spare cash? come anyway), sliding scale for families $15-20.00

Rob O’Brien will be selling raffle tickets for a print of one of his most beautiful paintings. All funds raised for the evening go to the Guatemala Accompaniment Project.

For more information, call Julie Levy at (802)263-5217, or email

It’s Back! Tenth Works in Progress Garden Tour July 27, 2024

Visit five gardens in the Springfield area, meet your gardening neighbors and enjoy a delicious lunch. We’ve not had a Garden Tour since 2019 and are excited to get back out enjoying garden visits. This tour includes vegetable and flower gardens and natural plantings. Which gardens you ask? Read on.

Melissa Post will show you her extensive garden made of raised beds. She also has a greenhouse, 32 blueberry bushes and three vigorous elderberry bushes. Melissa will describe how she gardens throughout the year—even through the winter. Her seedlings are grown in soil blocks and transplanted outdoors. She will demonstrate how to make soil blocks and the advantages of using them.

Toni Streeter welcomes you to flowers in the woods embraced by a plantation of giant Northern white pines at Tree Farm Campground. Enjoy the sculptures throughout and view artwork inside the lodge. Then take a stroll through the woods to see the blueberry patch and vegetable garden. Her father’s huge metal sculpture can also be found within this beautiful landscape.

Marita Johnson’s shade filled back yard haven with its 'Fertile Crescent' garden will have hostas, oriental lilies, coneflowers and daisies to enjoy. Her raised bed veggie garden with 12 foot tall hollyhocks behind it will be in full swing. Her hydrangea is packed with beautiful blue snowball blooms. Walk the mossy labyrinth, following the rock-outlined shape of an iris. Marita will give a demonstration on how to dig, divide and replant irises. (August is the time for that task.)

Lydia Moore keeps the birds and butterflies in mind while planting. She’ll show us around her e
stablished perennial flower beds at her home with old stone walls and barn foundations. What was a retirement hobby has become a full time enjoyable job.

Getting hungry? Our last stop will be at Diane Kemble’s where you’ll enjoy lunch. There’s a vegetable garden, peaches, elderberries, and blueberries. Stroll a mowed path to the pond and we can keep the conversation going about how we encourage wildlife, decide when and how much to mow and even deal with those pesky invasives.

The Works in Progress Garden Tour is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Church in Springfield, VT. Suggested donation is $25. and includes lunch.

To reserve a spot and receive full details of the day, including carpooling, email Diane at or text or call 802-324-9465.

The tour, which ends with lunch, runs from 8 a.m. through about 1:00. It’s rain or shine and carpooling is encouraged and fun!


Questions? Contact Ann Marie: 207-332-0992 Or Toni: 802-289-2234

Our Affirmation:
Love is the doctrine of this church
The quest for truth is its sacrament
And service is its prayer
To dwell together in peace
To seek knowledge in freedom
To serve the needs of all beings
To the end that all souls shall
Grow into harmony with the Divine
Thus do we covenant with each other
And with the source of our being

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Our Services are each Sunday starting the second Sunday in September until mid-June, with two services in July and two in August.

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Share the Plate for July

The Clinton Foundation is the recipient for our Share the Plate donations in July. Their goal is to make a difference in people's lives in the US and around the world, through the Clinton Global Initiative, where global leaders come together to solve the world's most pressing challenges. They also devote time and resources to educational programs, work on the climate crisis through advancing resiliency efforts, remove barriers to improve health access, and assist people in creating better economic futures.

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A Zoom group for folks who like to play with color, drawing, reinventing objects, & general creating. There might be laughter, daring & surprises. Have paper, colored pencils or crayons or your favorite medium ready. Interest & questions? Contact; Toni Streeter, Ann Marie &/or Ti Knoepfel. Or email

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