Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse

Springfield, Vermont


By Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy



As we look around, we see fear, anger, fighting, factionalism even despair.  Where can we turn for help?  The life and teachings of Howard Thurman are the perfect medicine for these times.  Who was he?  Howard Thurman (1899-1981) rises as one of the most influential African Americans of the last century.  He was called, "the saint of the Civil Rights Movement," by Rep. John Lewis.  Thurman was a universalist, mystic, one of the greatest preachers of his day, a scholar and a professor at Howard University and Boston University. He served as co-pastor of the Church for the Fellowship of All People in San Francisco.  He had a profound impact on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He found a way to face directly and open-heartedly the challenges of his time and offers us an invitation to walk in his footstep to cultivate connection, courage and hope.  


You're invited to join us on this eight-month journey of transformation as we learn from and let Thurman's insights, challenges and paradoxes wash over us with hope. On the third Sundays from October through May, we will co-host a series of powerful interfaith worship services based on Thurman’s life and teachings.  This series is co-sponsored by the Empowerment Center in the Cheverly, MD in D.C. area, and the Springfield UU Meetinghouse. We will welcome to the service, participants from the Meetinghouse, the Empowerment Center and other individuals and congregations who are also interested in learning about Thurman and his legacy.  Thurman wrote and preached on the power of Negro Spirituals and our Choir Director, Julane Deener and the virtual choir, are preparing some great music for our enrichment. 


We’ve launched the series with gusto on Sunday, October 17, 2021.




Check Out Our Introduction Video to the Howard Thurman Series!


With a collaborative service led by Rev. Dr. Kristal Owens. Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy, Minister Usher Moses and Religious Science Practitioner Robbin Ruffner via Zoom. The topic will be the name of the series: “Medicine for Our Times: Living the Legacy of Howard Thurman." We hope that You will join us.  Afterwards, stay for a virtual discussion and "coffee hour" and meet people from the other congregations and communities who will be participating.


This promises to be an enlivening, deepening and healing experience.  In the words of Minister Usher Moses, “I hope that this series rekindles dialogue on the work that Howard Thurman has done, with an impact around the whole planet.  I hope that it will allow us to practice and also to influence a new generation that needs to hear his message.”  Kristal, Usher, Robbin and I are delighted to have this opportunity for collaboration bringing Thurman’s message into our contentious world that so needs his wisdom and healing words today. We hope You’ll join us.  



Our final service in the series is Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 10 am.


You can find our past services here.



*Cosponsored by the Empowerment Center, Cheverly MD. 


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