Springfield Meetinghouse, vt

Unitarian Universalist

This initiative, begun in August of 2020, convenes local community members whose passions or vocations align with the Meetinghouse’s mission to nurture the spirit and heal the world. Its goal is to build a network of community leaders who share practical and creative skills that strengthen community resilience. We generally offer a Spiritual Makerspace service once a month.  These have included, “Painting Our Way to Peace,” “Tending the Beloved: An Altar Making Space,” “The Body Is Our Teacher” and “Innate Creativity: Restoring the Muse.”

Rev. Mellen Kennedy envisions that the Spiritual Makerspace will both build community and serve communityance at churches is declining, particularly among younger folks, the spirit of Love, the hunger for authentic connection and passion for expression and service is rising. The Spiritual Makerspace provides an avenue for refining, expressing and channeling that passion."

Caro Barschow, a student at Boston University School of Theology Master's of Divinity Program, has been instrumental in  getting the Makerspace program underway. Thanks also  to Suiko McCall of the Art Monastery for the artwork on the Spiritual Makerspace heading.

Below Top: Suiko McCall (2nd from right) leads  "The Council Fires are Lit"                                                      Bottom: Qayyum Johnson speaks about "The Body Is Our Teacher: Nature Awareness, Somatic Meditation and Spirit Writing"


Caro Barschow, Former Intern


Valencia Meredith, Intern