Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse

Springfield, Vermont

May - June 2024 Calendar

May 23rd: Thu 10am - 11am Zazen

May 26th: Sun 10am - 11am Sunday Service

May 28th: Tue 11am - 12pm Tai Chi

June 2nd: 10am - 11am Sunday Service "Flower Communion"

June 3rd: ALL DAY Rental

June 4th: 11am - 12pm Tai Chi

June 6th: 2pm FOTP group

June 6th: 5:30pm Rental

June 9th: 11am Parker Hill Service/picnic

June 10th: 3pm Trustee Meeting

June 11th: 11am - 12pm Tai Chi

June 13th: 10am Zazen

June 13th: 10:30am Art Adventures (on Zoom)

June 15th: ALL DAY Rental

June 18th: 11am - 12pm Tai Chi

June 20th: 2pm FOTP Group

June 25th: 11am - 12pm Tai Chi

June 27th: 10am Zazen

June 29th: ALL DAY Rental. Pride Event

June 30th: ALL DAY Rental


Our weekly Services are each Sunday starting the second Sunday in September until the second Sunday in June, with two services in July and two in August

June 9th is our last weekly service

June 16th - No service

June 23rd - No service

June 30th - No service

July 7th - No service

July 14th - Sunday Service

July 21st - No service

July 28th - Sunday service

Aug 4th - No service

Aug 11th - Sunday service

Aug 18th - No service

Aug 25th - Sunday service

Sept 1st - No service

Sept 8th - Back to weekly services